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Heidi Taillefer: Playing with Fire

Angels of Our Nature
Complicated Shadows
Frustration Attraction


Heidi Taillefer’s solo exhibition at the Michael Berger Gallery, Playing with Fire, is a painterly fusion of imagination, mythology and technology, all the while giving a nod to the baroque. These fantastical paintings and drawings are both macabre and beautiful in their execution and content.


Taillefer’s work is an exploration of the human condition in the 21st century. She culls mythological motifs with a baroque sensibility. This approach allows her to create works that are sensual, technical and at times clinical. Within these works, she investigates how nature and technology can fuse together to create a tension that is both beautiful and horrible. Machine parts intermingle within the anatomies of her figures, revealing a complex narrative in which the body acts as a metaphor for our intensely complex world.

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