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Michael Berger Gallery is pleased to announce its second solo exhibition of new work by artist Naijun Zhang. Zhang’s detailed paintings are an attempt to draw attention to the paths that cross in contemporary Eastern and Western representational painting, while critiquing the current Chinese social construct. Zhang studied painting during China’s cultural revolution and throughout the Post-Mao era. His technique is directly influenced by the Russian Beaux Arts Painting tradition and its continued role in modern Chinese painting.

In masterfully rendered scenes, he explores ideas of the self and identity by painting intimate moments from appropriated photojournalist imagery. Zhang’s body of work refers directly to the cultural rupture that occurred to him when transitioning his life from the East to the West. The paintings in this exhibition are intimate yet distant, capturing quiet moments of the every day. These technically exquisite works portray an instant where East and West merge together while maintaining their unique cultural aesthetics.

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