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Philip Pearlstein: An Exhibition in Celebration of his 2007 History Makers Award

Machu Pichu

Philip Pearlstein

Models with Mirror

Philip Pearlstein

Nude with Rocker

Philip Pearlstein

Butterfly Kite II

Philip Pearlstein

Temple at Paestum

Philip Pearlstein

Two Nudes on Blue Coverlet

Philip Pearlstein

Models and Horses

Philip Pearlstein


Andy Warhol


Craig McPherson

My Memory No. 2

Zhang Xiaogang


Hung Liu

Pittsburgh-born artist Philip Pearlstein was a pioneer of Realism in painting in the late 1950s, when Abstract Expressionism dominated the art world. Then as now, the artist renders the classical theme of the Nude in contemporary terms.

Also featuring work by Jane Callister, Hung Liu, Craig Macpherson, Zhang Xiaogang, and Andy Warhol

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