Jane Callister:  Magic Landscape Paintings
Solo Exhibition

September 8 - November 25, 2006

A solo show of abstract paintings by Jane Callister. Born on the Isle of Man, Callister currently teaches at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  In a Los Angeles Times review at the time of the exhibition, her work was described as a transformation of the “illusionistic space of painting into an eye-popping celebration of gravity- defying dynamics and time-warping speed.” Morphing abstraction into romantic landscape by means of poured paint, Callister has received kudos for her exciting exhibitions throughout
the U.S. and Europe. Gazing on her deliciously retinal combinations
of color and texture never fails to surprise and reward the viewer. 


Fang Lijun: From My Hand
Solo Exhibition

March 25 - August 25, 2006

A solo exhibition featuring the sculptures and woodcuts by Chinese artist Fang Lijun, the recognized leader of the "Cynical Realism" art movement. This generation of artists grew up during the Cultural Revolution, witnessed it's subsequent demise (1977) and faced disillusionment when the mass movement to introduce democracy in China ended violently at Tiananmen Square (1989). Thereafter, artists turned to inwardness (Zhang Xiaogang), sarcasm (Yue MinJun) and irony (Wang Guanyi) to comment on the contradictions of life in China at the end of the 20th Century. Idealism faded.

Nevertheless, that was 15 years ago (as of 2006) in a country where a year of change might take 10 years elsewhere. The better artists have deepened their art and moved on. Whereas in Fang's earlier work faces were almost expressionless, his exploration of sculpture, a new medium for him, has given him the opportunity to develop much greater tactility and emotional expression.

Fang Lijun has exhibited at MOMA, NYC; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Sao Paulo and Venice Biennales; and every significant exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art since 1990.

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Naijun Zhang: China on my Mind
Solo Exhibition

December 1, 2005 - February 28, 2006

A wonderful exhibition of paintings by the artist Naijun Zhang, who is currently based in West Virginia.  A native of China, his work powerfully records and remembers scenes from his homeland in rich and Vermeer-like attention to brushstroke and technique.


Yang Qian: Femmes a leur Toilette
February 26 - June 15, 2005

A solo exhibition of paintings by the Chinese artist Yang Qian.